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The FASTEST Comp Plan In The Universe

Global Pre-Lunch Begins 08.10.19

Our Story

Have you ever seen a line of people waiting outside a health food store, fighting one another over their spot in line? Neither have we. Have you ever seen a Starbucks drive through in the morning WITHOUT a line of people? Neither have we. Our world has increasingly become busier, more stressful and more complicated. This is one of the many reasons the global energy drink market is anticipated to exceed $85 billion by 2027.

"The global energy drinks market size is anticipated to reach USD 84.70 billion by 2026"
04/2019  Market Study Report

Imagine merging the goodness of a health food store with the boost of an energy drink. Sound good? Well it tastes even better!

Rocket Fueled Energy™ was formulated to provide the single most universal desire amongst all humans: A Better Today.

More energy, more focus and a bigger smile are the key ingredients to a Better Today, and our unique blend of nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants and specially sourced natural caffeine deliver.

Founded on the principles of Simplicity, Speed and Success our product, marketing and compensation plan combine to create a new opportunity and company in the direct sales space: Rocket Fueled Life™.

Our Launch Plan

Our leadership team and their companies have been responsible for some of the biggest launches in online history. A big launch, however, doesn’t always create longevity. Rocket Fueled Life™ has carefully chosen to launch in 4 phases:

Leaders Invitational 7.23.19
To Earn The Title of Executive Founder
And a spot on the Executive Marketing Council
And 3 Shares Of The Founders Bonus Pool For 1 Year
(per person not Business Center)
Purchase 1 to 3 Business Centers now ($525.97 s/h not included)
And get at least 2 Paid Members to join you by 8.10.19
Global Pre-Launch Begins 8.10.19
Super Saturday 9.28.19
Global Launch Begins 10.1.19
Grand Opening Begins 1st Quarter 2020

The goal of our launch sequence is to build a strong, lasting foundation of leadership and motivated, well trained distributors.

Our Product

More energy, more focus and a bigger smile are the key ingredients to a Better Today, and our unique blend of nootropics, adaptogens, antioxidants and specially sourced natural caffeine deliver.

Energy | Focus | Stress
Rocket Fueled Energy Drink
Nootropics | Adaptogens | Antioxidants
At the heart of Aruvydic Health for over 3,000 years, Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry, is an Ancient Medicinal Herb & powerful Adaptogen that may reduce Cortisol, the stress hormone.

Our Opportunity

  • Ground Floor.
  • Affordable for the masses, pays out like the rich and famous.
  • Global (launching in North America 1st, more countries to follow).
  • Single product focus (simpler for new distributors and prospects).
  • Product tastes great, packs a punch and half the price of purchasing separately.
  • Sampling, our ‘on-the-go’ single servings make it easy to share!
  • Earn up to $200,000 a month in our Rocket Powerline™ “The Fastest Comp Plan In The Universe.”
  • Up to 100% check match, car bonus, lifestyle bonus, rank advancement bonus and Founders Bonus Pool.
  • Proven Marketing & E-Commerce System (100% FREE E-Store).
  • A culture of customer acquisition, personal development and events & functions.
  • Unlimited Merchant Accounts.

Join Us

Coming Soon.

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Super Saturday

Our 1st Super Saturday will be September 28th, 2019 in Tempe, AZ.

You can reserve your room for Firday night at the hotel (Saturday night too if you like) by clicking here
There are 3 more hotels within walking distance:
Courtyard by Marriott Tempe Downtown
Stay Alfred on West 6th
Residence Inn by Marriott Tempe Downtown/University

Details coming soon.


Our Vision

The only thing bigger than a Better Today is a Better Tomorrow. For our customers a Better Tomorrow may come from the Adaptogens and Antioxidants. For our distributors a Better Tomorrow can come from our marketing and compensation plan. For our community a Better Tomorrow comes from our commitment the Luna Foundation™ which is being created to support Children’s Charities including cancer research.

Our Comp Plan

The global decline and individual fail ratio of traditional multi-tiered affiliate compensation plans can be attributed to the unfair solo responsibility placed on the new marketer who may be starting part time or even spare time. While individual effort must be encouraged and rewarded, often the missing element to “get started” and “take action” is the lack of social proof and social collaboration. No one wants to do any task or chore “all by themselves”.

Introducing The Copyrighted Rocket Powerline™ - Our copyrighted and proprietary compensation plan is destined to create a revolution in the multi-tiered affiliate industry. Built on the foundations of teamwork, motivation and collaboration, the Rocket Powerline™ is unlike any other. Giving everyone the potential leverage of a binary WHILE PAYING ON BOTH LEGS AT THE SAME TIME, the Rocket Powerline™ moves quickly and is explained simply.

Although our official comp plan pdf is not yet available you can download and review the beta version by clicking here. (please do not share this online)